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Benefits of Replacement Glass (Versus Total Window Replacement)

  • Cost efficient

  • Less Intrusive Construction

  • Maintains Original Look Of House

  • Saves Resources and Reduces Waste

  • Faster Installation Time

  • A Smart Solution to a Common Problem!

What Customers Have to Say

Reasonable and professional work. Needed repair prior to selling my home. They ordered parts and gave me an estimate. Meanwhile I made settlement on the house. They helped make a smooth transition and repaired the window for the new owner and sent me the bill. No complications! Great job!

Judy H., Google Review

Ardmor Inc replaced my double pain window glass only when everyone else wanted to replace the whole window frame and glass.
Beautiful job, well done, professional and on time and even early to the appointment….
Thank you, you took the stress out of my stressful situation

Margaret M., Facebook Review
Ardmor Windows & Doors replaced recently two double-pane glasses in my home. One of them was a patio door glass. It was the second time Ardmor did an excellent job in my home. Ardmor employees are knowledgeable, responsible, and well trained. Its customer service is excellent providing timely email and phone notifications and payment receipts. The price was very reasonable. Overall, Ardmor is a reputable company that cares about its customers. Highly recommend!
Eugenia S., HomeAdvisor Review