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Bridging the outdoors with the indoors, patio doors and French doors typically lead to the backyard or outdoor entertainment area—a space meant for relaxing with loved ones and celebrating special moments with friends. With a plethora of designs to choose from, our team will assist you in selecting the ideal door for your home. In addition, custom sizes and colors are available upon request so you can find just what you’re dreaming of for your home.

6300 Sliding Patio Door by Advanced Windows

Allowing a beautiful means for natural light to grace the home, the 6300 Series Sliding Patio Door is a stylish and sophisticated option that will flatter any space, including small areas. Crafted with cutting-edge engineering techniques and materials, these doors are incredibly weather resistant, with an impressive level of durability that will withstand the harshest conditions. Reinforced with structural steel and optional side panels, this design showcases a wealth of quality features. In addition to providing practicality, the sliding patio door can enhance any space with its elegant aesthetics. Built to last a lifetime, the 6300 Sliding Patio Door is an investment in your home that you can make with confidence, knowing it will perform just as expected. Furthermore, this option surpasses the guidelines required to obtain an Energy Star rating. Sustainable, sleek and strong, this is an excellent choice for any home front.

6300 Sliding Patio Door Brochure


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Financing Options

While updating or replacing your windows or doors offer great benefits, we understand that they’re also big financial undertaking. That’s why ARDMOR, Inc. offers flexible financing options tailored for your needs.

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Rehau 4500 Series Tilt-Turn Architectural Doors by Advanced Windows (French Hinged Doors)

Designed with maximum performance in mind, this door by Rehau is built to resist all the common issues that plague aging doors—drooping, jamming, sticking and draftiness. Featuring an innovative combination of vinyl, PVC and internal structural reinforcement, this door is designed for ultimate practicality. In addition to demonstrating impeccable toughness, this design also features a stylish aesthetic so your home can feature the beauty of chic French doors without the price tag of solid wood. You’ll be delighted to experience how this option can complement your home.

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Rehau 4500 Series Tilt-Turn Architectural Door Brochure

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Andersen Gliding Patio Door

The unique and deliberate design of the Andersen Gliding Patio Door allows it to smoothly glide horizontally using a single operating panel and single stationary panel. This door features beautiful wood that is protected and complemented by a chic vinyl exterior. In addition, style, color and customizable sizing options are abundant, and blinds are installed between the glass panels for ultimate practicality and allure. Demonstrating an excellence in design and function, Andersen Gliding Patio Doors will add an unforgettably stylish flair to your home.

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400 SERIES Frenchwood® Gliding Patio Door Brochure
A-SERIES Gliding Patio Door Brochure
E-SERIES Gliding Patio Door Brochure
E-SERIES French Gliding Patio Door Brochure
200 SERIES Narroline® Gliding Patio Door Brochure
200 SERIES Perma-Shield® Gliding Patio Door Brochure

Andersen Frenchwood Hinged Patio Doors

An eloquent touch to any home, Andersen Frenchwood Hinged Patio Doors will gracefully bridge the interior with the outdoor patio or deck with classic style. These doors are particularly notable for providing excellent ventilation in the home. Carrying a noticeable sophistication in design, you can trust that you’re investing in a durable, high-performing product that will simply delight your living space for years to come.

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400 SERIES Frenchwood® Hinged Patio Door
A-SERIES Hinged Patio Door
E-SERIES Hinged Patio Door
200 SERIES Hinged Patio Door

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We are passionate about resolving window issues for our customers. In order to study the problem in detail and advise the best strategy for a solution, we are happy to inspect the situation on-site at your home. The free in-home consultation allows customers to…

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In light of the restrictions stemming from the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, We, like so many other businesses, have suspended normal operations. While We are currently not able to do any in home visits or installations, We are still taking phone calls and taking information so that we can get you scheduled quickly once this is over. We are also providing estimates for select projects via phone and email. These projects would include but not be limited to window replacement, glass replacement, door replacement and select repairs. Please contact our office between the hours of 9 am and 1 pm to see what information We would need You to provide. We at Ardmor hope that everyone is following the current guidelines and staying at home, healthy and safe.