18 05, 2022

How do I choose the right product and installer?

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If your windows cannot be repaired, or the cost of repairs doesn’t make sense, then replacement should be considered. Several factors should be looked at when evaluating an investment into window replacement, and here are a few tips:

  1.  How long will you be in your home – If you are moving next week, a replacement probably won’t be worth the investment. If you are staying a few years, you’ll want to make sure there’s still value in your windows when you move (if your windows and doors are 10 years old and in need of replacement, and you plan […]
18 05, 2022

How do I determine if it’s time to invest in new windows?

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Well, it’s probably fair to say, since you went to the effort to find this article, that you are (at the
very least) less than satisfied with the overall condition of one, some, or all of your current
But, is it time to replace them? Well, the first option that should be explored before making that
decision is repairing them. Repairs offer a great cost-effective solution for many homeowners,
but they aren’t always the best solution. Here’s a quick look at when repairs are the right, and
wrong idea.

Right idea:

  • Specific functional issues (broken glass, the window won’t stay up, locks are broken)
  • The […]
12 08, 2019

Glass Repair in Philadelphia

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Glass Repair in Philadelphia

It happens to us all at some point, whether we rent or own a home. Problematic windows are an eyesore and will get worse over time if they’re not dealt with promptly. Yet it can be painful to deal with window damage. Replacing a window in your home can be costly, not to mention the time and frustration spent on finding a reputable contractor in Philadelphia to do the work for you. Yet, how can you tell if a window can be repaired or is in need of a complete replacement? Luckily, there’s Ardmor […]

8 04, 2019


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Andersen Certified ContractorPhiladelphia, PA-  As of December 12, 2018, Ardmor Inc. Windows and Doors are pleased to announce that they are now recognized as an official Andersen Certified Contractor.
As a relative newcomer to the window and door industry, Ardmor has garnered quite a reputation for their range of services, from window and door repairs, parts and glass replacement, carpentry, as well as the installation of windows, doors and more. As a result, Ardmor has earned hundreds of 4 and 5-star reviews from their customers. All of this success led Company […]
7 04, 2019

When to consider the Andersen Narroline Conversion Kit?

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When asking that question, You must first make sure that You currently have The Andersen 200 Series Narroline window in Your home.

The first thing to look for is the Andersen logo in the bottom right corner of the glass.

Now let’s make sure it is the Narroline Window. It’s really simple. If the window does not tilt in for easy cleaning, it’s a 200 Series Narroline Window. The Andersen Narroline windows were introduced in 1968. They were often used by builders in the new construction of homes at that time because they were a recognized brand, easily accessible from building […]

26 02, 2019