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Ardmor is made up of a team of proud specialists in window and door repairs as well as millwork carpentry. Before investing in total door replacement, let us assess the damage to see if the door is repairable first. If the door is not repairable, we will provide an educated and reasonable quote for total door replacement.

Benefits of Door Repair (versus total door replacement):

  • Cost efficient
  • Less intrusive construction
  • Maintains original look of the house
  • Saves resources and reduces waste

Financing Options

While updating or replacing your windows or doors offer great benefits, we understand that they’re also big financial undertaking. That’s why ARDMOR, Inc. offers flexible financing options tailored for your needs.

  • 0% FINANCING with Minimum Payments
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Door Frame Repair


The door frame consists of the wood between the interior and exterior moldings. Because the bottom piece experiences the most exposure to water and moisture, it can be the first part of the frame to show signs of water damage, like wood rot. Instead of removing the entire frame, we are equipped to remove and replace the isolated sections of rotting wood. Sanding and painting for visual consistency are included.


Glass panels can become scratched, shattered or foggy for a number of reasons, including water infiltration, condensation, separation from the spacer bar or seal failure. We can successfully replace the damaged glass panel with new, insulated glass.

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Brick Molding
and Boards

Brick molding and boards are thin material strips that serve as exterior framing around the door. Excess exposure to water and moisture can cause these areas to rot. We are equipped to replace brick moldings and boards by using wood covered in high-quality aluminum flashing or PVC. Painting for visual consistency is included.

Door Hardware
(French and Patio Doors only)

Locks, handles and other small mechanical pieces are considered door hardware. Damage can result from general wear and tear, overuse or heavy force. We are equipped to replace any piece of door hardware, depending on availability.


Door Sash
(French and Patio Doors only)

The door sash typically consists of four pieces of wood that make up the door. Because of heightened exposure, the bottom and sides tend to be impacted by water and moisture when left unprotected. We are equipped to remove and replace the isolated sections of rotting wood. Painting for visual consistency is included.

Free In-Home Consultation

We are passionate about resolving window issues for our customers. In order to study the problem in detail and advise the best strategy for a solution, we are happy to inspect the situation on-site at your home. The free in-home consultation allows customers to…

  • Select your favorite style and color windows

  • Fast and efficient consultation sessions.

  • We do not require all decision makers to be present.

  • Onsite inspection of your windows.

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