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With a great passion for restoration, ARDMOR, Inc. specializes in the repair of wooden windows, including addressing problems with frames, sills, brick moldings, exterior boards and more. Damages to window accessories can occur as a result of harsh weather conditions, accidental impact or general wear and tear over time. Wood is a material that ages naturally, and common degradation can be accelerated with the extreme shifts in temperature that take place as the seasons change. This can decrease the window’s ability to function properly. However, a full window replacement is rarely necessary. Instead, homeowners can save costs by repairing the specific part of the window that is causing issues.

In most circumstances, old windows can quickly be restored to their original efficiency and design aesthetics with targeted repair and restoration. Whether the wood shows signs of cracking, rotting or other damage, ARDMOR will create a plan to tackle the problem areas and repair the window. With the preservation of original wood as a top priority, we can help homeowners restore the outstanding designs that give their houses unforgettable personality. Whether repairing unexpected wood damage on a new building or restoring the classic features of a historic residence, ARDMOR is dedicated to quality restoration that allows windows to perform flawlessly.