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What is a sash lock? Placed in the middle of a single-hung or vinyl/aluminium double-hung window, this device effectively locks the window, preventing it from opening.

How does a sash lock break? A sash lock can break from general wear and tear, overuse or heavy force.

What should I do? You can easily replace an old sash lock with a new one.


What is a balance? Featured in single-hung or vinyl/aluminium double-hung windows, a balance is a mechanical device that provides a counterbalance to the weight of the sash.

How does a balance break? Over time, it is typical for the spring built within the balance to become dull and weaken as a result of heavy usage. As older windows continue to be shoved opened and closed, the balance is likely to break.

What should I do? The best approach is to install new balances in place of existing ones to facilitate smooth window functioning.


What is a tilt latch? This apparatus is located on the top of the sash or sashes. It holds the vinyl/aluminium window sash in the frame securely, allowing the window to open by slightly tilting the sash and holding it in place.

How does a tilt latch break?
Poor construction materials, improper use of force to maneuver the window or general wear and tear from age can all contribute to a broken tilt latch.

What should I do?
Old or broken tilt latches can be easily replaced with new ones.

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What is a window crank operator? This device is operated by hand, consisting of a handle that is manually cranked to cause the vinyl/aluminium casement or awning windows to open.

How does a window crank break?
Because it undergoes friction by design, a crank operator may break due to general wear and tear. Also, poor quality construction materials and improper use, such as forcing the crank when hinges are not properly aligned, may also cause damage to the crank operator.

What should I do?
The best solution is to replace the vinyl/aluminium window crank operator and reevaluate the alignment of the window to ensure proper positioning.


Handle- Located on the inside bottom of a vinyl/ aluminum awning or Casement vinyl/ aluminum Window

Cause: These can become cracked over time or handles can get misplaced when the screws holding them on become loose.

Solution- Replacing the cover, handle or both


What is a window hinge? This piece is a mechanical device that acts as a link to enable a vinyl/aluminium window to swing open. For casement vinyl/aluminium windows, the hinge bridges the top and bottom of a window sash, while for awning windows, the hinge bridges the left and right sides of the window sash.

How does a hinge break?
There are many culprits for a broken hinge, including rust that has accumulated after water damage or exposure to moisture, consistent bending from the weight of the sash, or general use over the course of time.

What should I do?
The solution requires total replacement of the broken hinge and a complete evaluation of the window adjustment to ensure proper positioning.


What is a casement latch? Positioned opposite the hinge, this feature consists of one or two locks to secure the vinyl/aluminium window shut.

How does a casement latch break?
The most common cause of a broken latch is a misaligned window.

What should I do?
The fix for this problem requires total replacement of the casement latch or latches, as well as an evaluation of the vinyl/aluminium window adjustment to ensure proper positioning.

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