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While window repair has many advantages, there are certain circumstances in which a full window replacement is absolutely necessary. Our professional recommendation is to pursue full window replacement only in situations where the cost of individual part repairs rivals or exceeds the cost to purchase and install a new, energy efficient window. Common issues that require full window replacement include foggy glass panels due to seal failure, the inability for windows to independently stay up, and multiple or expensive broken features.

Why should I pursue full window replacement?

  • Individual part repair is impossible
  • Window is outdated, inefficient and experiencing failure
  • Increase home value
  • Enhance cosmetic appearance with fresh, beautiful look
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Improve cost efficiency and save money by cutting utility bills

Financing Options

While updating or replacing your windows or doors offer great benefits, we understand that they’re also big financial undertaking. That’s why ARDMOR, Inc. offers flexible financing options tailored for your needs.

  • 0% FINANCING with Minimum Payments
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We offer a variety of services for a variety of products, including:

Offering quality products at an affordable price, the 6300 Series by Advanced Windows is a competitive option that offers everything you are likely to be looking for—beauty, efficiency and durability. The windows presented in this collection are low-maintenance, making them a great option for new or busy homeowners. Also, these windows are Energy Star rated for eco-minded individuals. Also customizable, the 6300 Series offers a rich variety of designs, styles and detailing features, including triple-pane glass, woodgrain interiors and a spectrum of exterior colors, so you’re sure to find the perfect look for your home.

Vinyl – 6300 Series by Advanced Windows

We are equipped to work with all of the major manufacturers, including:

Andersen Windows

We offer an incredibly affordable option for the installation of Andersen Windows. With a wide variety of Andersen collections to fit any budget, you’re sure to find a beautiful match for your home’s needs. Andersen has been a recognizable and respected name in the window industry for more than a century. A company built on compelling expertise, they have demonstrated a track record of consistently developing new products and continuously raising the quality bar for the entire window and door industry.

Specializing in customizable window and door options, Marvin Windows and Doors is one of the most competitive and expansive manufacturers on the market. Every product is custom-made to precisely match your unique needs and requests, allowing you to put a truly personal touch on your order. We are proud to serve as an official Marvin Authorized Replacement Contractor.

Marvin Windows
Integrity by Marvin

Carefully crafted with Ultrex, a patented, cutting-edge fiberglass designed and tested to outperform vinyl, roll-formed aluminum and other fiberglass competitors. This high-functioning, pultruded fiberglass has been tested as performing 8 times stronger than vinyl and 3 times stronger than similar vinyl and wood composite products. One of the most durable window materials available, this quality product is hyper-resistant to common problems like fading, chalking, peeling and cracking.

As an officially recognized Marvin Authorized Replacement Contractor, we are happy to guide you through the entire window replacement process and answer any questions you may have. We are excited to offer quality replacement options, including traditional Marvin Windows and Doors products as well as products from Marvin’s Integrity collection.

If energy efficiency and ultra-durability are top priorities for your homestead, consider storm windows by ProVia. Consisting of heavy-duty extruded aluminum, ProVia storm windows offer unbeatable protection from harsh weather conditions as well as excellent noise reduction. Custom-made to fit your needs, ProVia features aluminum storm windows in 16 different colors, making it a breeze to select the perfect shade to complement your house. Plus, energy savings are increased even

Storm Windows
Glass Block

Offering unique benefits, glass block windows are an ideal choice when seeking additional privacy and security for the home front. Available in a spectrum of stylish designs, glass block windows are commonly installed in basement and garage areas to provide natural light without allowing a clear line of vision from the outside of the home.


Ardmor Advantage

We can help evaluate your specific window or door issue's and provide you with the best and most affordable solution that works. Ardmor provides you with the following advantages

  • Licensed & Insured
  • Factory Certified Pro's
  • Accurate Quote & Pricing
  • Wide Array of Brands & Options

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