Well, it’s probably fair to say, since you went to the effort to find this article, that you are (at the
very least) less than satisfied with the overall condition of one, some, or all of your current
But, is it time to replace them? Well, the first option that should be explored before making that
decision is repairing them. Repairs offer a great cost-effective solution for many homeowners,
but they aren’t always the best solution. Here’s a quick look at when repairs are the right, and
wrong idea.

Right idea:

  • Specific functional issues (broken glass, the window won’t stay up, locks are broken)
  • The issues are limited (if you have to repair multiple issues per window or all of your
    windows have the same issues, it may just not be worth the cost)
  • You have a reputable brand (brands like Andersen, Marvin, etc. have great options for
    ordering replacement sashes, or even converting an outdated model into a more
    modern, more efficient model)
  • You have old wooden windows that show signs of rot, or seem misaligned (these older
    windows have survived for almost 100 years in some cases, and repairing the damage may
    restore them to their original state)

Wrong idea:

  • If your windows function well but seem drafty (repairs most likely will not address drafts
    or efficiency)
  • Warped vinyl sashes (if your sash is warped, and you aren’t able to order replacement
    sashes from the manufacturer, repairs just won’t be worth the cost, as the window will