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Foggy Glass Replacement in Montgomery, PA

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This is no way to look out at the world, through a blurry, mottled window. Worse than that, the dirty-looking glass makes the inside of the home look dingy. And even worse than that, the window is no longer providing the insulation necessary to keep the home energy efficient. An insulating glass unit (IGU) is composed of two panels of glass separated by a spacer and sealed together at the edges. The sealed space between the two panels may be a vacuum or may be filled with a gas (usually argon or krypton). That sealed space in the primary means of reducing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. It not only makes your home more comfortable and lowers your heating and air-conditioning bills lower, it decreases your energy consumption, a major factor in protecting our environment. All of that is dependent on the seal. If a seal fails, moist air enters the space between the panes. The moisture evaporates when the weather is warm, then condenses when it is cold. In the above photo, you see the trapped condensation. It isn’t ever going away. It’s only going to get worse. Seals don’t “blow” easily. They [...]

Check Your Window Screens Regularly

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If you are living in a region where the sun shines a little too bright or an area that suffers from severe humidity, then you surely have a lot to worry about. Hot and bright sunrays penetrating your windows will not only increase the temperature but also affect your furnishings (How you wonder?). Well exposing your fabric sofa or plastic decorative to direct sunlight will fade its color in the long run. How would your sofa look with one side faded and the other intact? Funny right? And you surely don’t want that to happen, which is why you need a window screen at your home immediately. Window screens can protect your house in one too many ways. Firstly, they add a tinting effect to your windows, which means that sunlight penetration would be lower. The net mesh, mostly made out of fiberglass or wired mess, creates an obstacle for sunlight to bypass properly and reduces penetration. Secondly, it will reduce the visibility at night, meaning, you can keep your curtains apart without worrying about a peeking eye. Well that just happens to cover a few advantages associated with window screens. There are other underlying benefits of equipping your windows [...]

Should I repair or replace Wood Windows?

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  Wooden windows have always been the most popular choice for homeowners adding value to their property with personalized features and custom specification. Moreover, these have been considered throughout history as a great architectural detail in any home or building. Unsurprisingly, whether it is a wooden window or glass door, everything bears wear and tear of daily use. However, in cases of metallic and glass-made windows, most of the times they require replacement. On the contrary, in 90% of all wood windows, they can be repaired keeping its artistic features and majestic attributes as they were in its new condition.  That’s why most of the interior designers, home decorators, and carpenters suggest choosing wood windows. Should I repair or replace? Wood windows, when diligently painted and properly maintained, can last more than a century. However, even when they appear severely damaged, most of them they can be repaired. Therefore, if you’re struggling with a broken window, from damaged sills to foggy insulated glass, repair and fix wooden window instead of replacing it. Especially if you contact a wood windows repair expert, you will get professional rotten window repair service for a very competitive price along with many reasons for repair instead [...]

It’s almost Spring- Time to check your Windows and Doors for Repair

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As we bid goodbye to the cold wintery winds and embrace the fresh spring breeze, it’s time to check the safety features of your house for possible windows repair. Your home needs periodical inspections for eradicating the maintenance issues and spring is the ideal time to do so. It is of extreme importance that you perform a thorough check to ensure that your windows and doors are in working order after the possible impairments caused by the winter season. Your doors and windows can act as possible entry points for undesirable moisture and air leaks. Moreover, windows and doors can serve as an emergency exit point in case of fire. In order to rapidly escape the harmful circumstances, or prevent small children from falling through open windows, proper maintenance is important. Here are few ways you can properly check the windows and doors: Inspect Closely It is important to properly inspect the exteriors and interior areas around your doors and windows. If there are signs of peeling or flaking of paints, it’s time you must get it repainted or refurnished. You must look closely at signs of the discoloration, deterioration, or cracking of the woods that can be due to moisture [...]

Window Condensation Solutions

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Short Term Solutions Open the windows and doors. High humidity is often caused by a hyperventilation or poor air circulation. Opening a window or door will change this. Turn down the heat. Keeping your home cooler will reduce the temperature difference between the air and the glass. Try to keep the temperature between 66 to 68 degrees. Minimize your cooking times and turn on a fan when cooking. Turn on the exhaust fan in your bathroom when showering and take shorter showers with cooler water. Check that your clothes dryer is properly vented to the outside and not the attic. Try to make the vent ducts as short as possible and seal them with duct tape or caulk to ensure that the moisture leaves the house. Turn a fan onto the window to evaporate the liquid and put it back into the air. Of course, this will only work as long as the fan is turned on. Cover windows with plastic or interior storm windows. This will provide a layer between the moist warm air and the cold surface. Long Term Solutions Install exhaust fans in your bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room. If possible, install a timer that will keep the fan running for 15 to 20 minutes after [...]

Do Replacement Windows Save Money? True Story.

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How I can save money on home remodeling and repairing? Have you ever asked yourself that? I believe you did, so as hundreds of homeowners out there including myself. It can get really overwhelming and frustrating dealing with different companies and subcontractors, especially, when you know nothing or very little about construction. However if something has to be done around the house, otherwise it cost you and your family a lot of discomfort and money waist, majority of us forget to do a proper research. Especially, if we are talking about some of the most important and the most expensive parts of the house, windows. DO REPLACEMENT WINDOWS SAVE MONEY? TRUE STORY. Advertisement and professionals tell us to replace old windows and by doing so you are: Making a wise financial investment in your house; Being “Green” - saving energy; Making your house easier to sell by improving the appearance;   I’m sorry, but you have been fooled.   Total window replacement was created to take your money and have nothing to do points describe up about. Often homeowner’s they need window replacement because nowadays window industry spends tens of millions of dollars a year to convince them to buy [...]

Window Capping. Should I Cap My Windows ?

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Have you ever was in between making decision to cap or not to cap your wood windows? Or you are making your mind right now if you should or not to make this to your windows. Thank God you are reading this, therefore you will have on honest opinion on it. What is capping? In construction capping or window capping (window cladding, window wrapping) refers to the application of aluminum or vinyl sheeting cut and formed with a break to fit over the exterior, wood trim of a building. The aluminum is intended to make aging trim with peeling paint look better, reduce future paint maintenance, and provide a waterproof layer to control the infiltration of water. Therefore it seems obviously, that capping should protect your window frames and sells, practically it has opposite effect. However it is really good idea to do this when you have vinyl window install, a lot of contractors picked up this practice for wood and half wood windows, what actually not protect them, but destroy them. Capping is really popular in some regions, especially in Philadelphia area. As homeowners we all looking for ways to save money on a lot of things around the house. Although [...]