Glass Replacement

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Glass panels can become scratched, shattered or foggy for a number of reasons. In addition to obstructing your view, which can be a safety concern, foggy glass is a sign that the seal has malfunctioned, causing the glass to lose its insulation qualities. Proper insulation helps maintain the energy efficiency of your home. Thus, if the glass is foggy, you’re most likely losing unnecessary energy in heating and cooling efforts. By installing new glass, you can improve home aesthetics, restore vision, increase security, and enhance energy efficiency.

Benefits of Replacement Glass (versus total window replacement):

  • Cost efficient

  • Less intrusive construction

  • Maintains original look of house

  • Saves resources and reduces waste

  • Faster installation time

  • A smart solution to a common problem!

In most cases, replacing a glass panel is a more practical, time efficient and economical approach than replacing an entire window. If the glass is the only problem part on the window, there’s typically no need to replace additional features other than the glass. By replacing the glass alone, you’re likely to save money, time and resources. Take a look at the most common issues that can be addressed with glass replacement.

Restoring Energy Efficiency


Cause: Energy efficiency can be compromised due to insufficient materials, such as standard glass panels, or aging windows.

Solution: New replacement glass is insulated and treated with a cutting-edge Low-E coating and Argon gas to ensure superior energy efficiency.

Scratched, Cracked or Broken Glass

Cause: There are many unexpected impacts that commonly compromise smooth glass, including thrown rocks, landscaping accidents, extreme changes in temperature, hail, house settling and shift in foundation, bird impact and attempted burglaries.

Solution: Depending on the window design, we will replace compromised glass with new single-pane or double-pane insulated glass.

Seal Failure as a result of excess moisture or condensation trapped between glass panels.


Excessive exposure to direct sunlight or moisture and water entry can cause seal failure. Also, this can occur when the sealant separates from the glass either from material failure, aging windows or the use of poor quality sealant.

Please note that this requires glass replacement. Cleaning the glass is not a viable solution to this problem.

After identifying the specific source of the problem, we will advise appropriate action and products to prevent this from occurring in the future. We will replace the glass with new insulated, energy-efficient glass complete with Low-E treatment and premium sealant. If needed, we will also include new glazing beads. Beyond fixing the issue, this resolution ensures the proper steps to keep the problem from reoccurring in the future.

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We are equipped to successfully install a variety of glass products, including:

Flat Glass (single-pane)

Featuring a single layer of glass available in an assortment of thicknesses and styles, flat glass is less noise tolerant and temperature resistant than insulated glass.

Insulated Glass (double-pane and triple-pane)

Consisting of two (double) or three (triple) sheets of glass, insulated glass excels at reducing noise and assisting in temperature control. Metal edge spacers seal gaps between panes to ensure the enclosed air space remains moisture-free.

Regular Glass-Annealed

Using a unique, slow-paced cooling process, annealed glass is better adapted for resisting rapid temperature changes, resulting in less cracking.