Glass Repair in Philadelphia

It happens to us all at some point, whether we rent or own a home. Problematic windows are an eyesore and will get worse over time if they’re not dealt with promptly. Yet it can be painful to deal with window damage. Replacing a window in your home can be costly, not to mention the time and frustration spent on finding a reputable contractor in Philadelphia to do the work for you. Yet, how can you tell if a window can be repaired or is in need of a complete replacement? Luckily, there’s Ardmor – we’re window experts. We’ll do what we can to repair your window and, if it’s not possible, we’ll work with you on a complete replacement that fits your schedule and budget.

Not All Problematic Windows Require Replacement

The two most common window problems that homeowners face are foggy windows and cracked glass. Both are problematic and will only lead to more trouble down the road if not dealt with. With these kinds of issues, you should consult with a professional window repair company—that’s where we come in. Ardmor is an expert in glass repair in Philadelphia, we’ll take a look at your problematic window and give you a tailored strategy for repair or replacement. If we can repair it, we’ll make sure you know that’s an option.

What is a Foggy Window?

A foggy window is just that—a wind