As we bid goodbye to the cold wintery winds and embrace the fresh spring breeze, it’s time to check the safety features of your house for possible windows repair. Your home needs periodical inspections for eradicating the maintenance issues and spring is the ideal time to do so. It is of extreme importance that you perform a thorough check to ensure that your windows and doors are in working order after the possible impairments caused by the winter season.

Your doors and windows can act as possible entry points for undesirable moisture and air leaks. Moreover, windows and doors can serve as an emergency exit point in case of fire. In order to rapidly escape the harmful circumstances, or prevent small children from falling through open windows, proper maintenance is important. Here are few ways you can properly check the windows and doors:

Inspect Closely

It is important to properly inspect the exteriors and interior areas around your doors and windows. If there are signs of peeling or flaking of paints, it’s time you must get it repainted or refurnished. You must look closely at signs of the discoloration, deterioration, or cracking of the woods that can be due to moisture leaks.

Check Everything

You must check the tracks for possible collection of debris and dirt. Sometimes leaves, insects and pine needles can hamper the air tight seals of your windows and doors. It is important that you slide the windows to feel an uneven sliding or crackling. In case the movement isn’t smooth, try applying a lubricant to the tracks.

Give Special Consideration to Locks

Special consideration must be given to the door locks to check if they have a problem. Locks form the most important part of the household safety. If they are wobbly or too tight, you should consider changing them.

Check for Air Leakages

Feel for the possible air leak signs around the doors and windows. Air leakages can allow moisture to sneak into your walls. While this can be particularly troubling during the winter seasons, it is good to check it during spring season too.

Ensure Safety Issues

If you have small children in the house, it is important that you check for all window safety measures. The window opening control devices should be placed where there is a risk of children peeking through the windows of high-rise buildings.  If you already have these devices installed, make sure they are functioning properly.

Insect screens

Even the tiniest of creatures celebrate the joy of spring. If you want to prevent them from partying in your house, it is important to check your insect screens. Look out for any holes or scratches that can allow insects to buzz in your home.  If required, replace the screens and get a new one. Insect screens are not supposed to prevent falls so do not rely on them to protect your little ones. They are not designed to support weight and can easily lead to fall accidents.