If you are living in a region where the sun shines a little too bright or an area that suffers from severe humidity, then you surely have a lot to worry about. Hot and bright sunrays penetrating your windows will not only increase the temperature but also affect your furnishings (How you wonder?). Well exposing your fabric sofa or plastic decorative to direct sunlight will fade its color in the long run. How would your sofa look with one side faded and the other intact? Funny right? And you surely don’t want that to happen, which is why you need a window screen at your home immediately.

Window screens can protect your house in one too many ways. Firstly, they add a tinting effect to your windows, which means that sunlight penetration would be lower. The net mesh, mostly made out of fiberglass or wired mess, creates an obstacle for sunlight to bypass properly and reduces penetration. Secondly, it will reduce the visibility at night, meaning, you can keep your curtains apart without worrying about a peeking eye.

Well that just happens to cover a few advantages associated with window screens. There are other underlying benefits of equipping your windows with screens, especially if you live in a vicinity with a lot of bugs.

Bugs can be real pests, that bring along with them various parasites and diseases. Not to mention the irritability by their buzzing around your ears or feasting on your favorite dish. Bugs such as stingy flies and mosquito’s can cause moderate to severe health risks; dengue, malaria, and yellow fever are commonly associated with mosquito bites. If you value hygiene and health, you would probably want a viable solution; bug sprays and insect killers are costly and repetitive. Be smart; get your window screen today.

Window screens are an ideal solution if you have sunlight or bug issues at your home.You would still need occasional screen repair but it is still a cost effective solution compared to changing your furniture or the recurring costs of insect repellents. Now you must be wondering whether your windows are standard size for window screens or not, well, your worries are taken care of. These days, there are numerous window screen manufacturers, who custom build window screens in any size. So you can get a screen for your window or door regardless of its dimensions. What is even better is that you get to choose the type of material you want, so it is pretty much variable when it comes to pricing. You can choose the expensive versions like fiberglass mesh which is sturdier and rust proof and obviously has a longer life span or you can choose regular net mesh, which is made from plastic, thread, iron, etc.

For ones who already have a window screen, it is advisable to check them before spring arrives. The humidity and moisture in the air often corrodes iron mesh, which deteriorates quickly and becomes easily breakable (you can simply poke your finger through it). For other types of mesh, they are often damaged by birds and other animals who keep attempting to get their way through, which is the primary reason for screen repair. Overlooking your screen repair can be troublesome later on and may result in screen replacement, so it is best to have a routine check just before spring arrives to keep your home pest free as well as to maintain a high level of hygiene in a cost-effective fashion. Check your window screens by checking its strength; you can try poking your finger to see how much it can hold, if you feel you can do away with screen repair then feel blessed or else opt for a screen replacement. You also need to check for corners and borders as that is where they are prone to break first, which cannot be repaired by a screen repair professional and would require screen replacement.